I don’t know about you, but these aren’t the easiest of times.

We’re stressed and trying to figure out these new daily dynamics and schedules together. So right now, it’s really great to take a moment to connect and actually stop and appreciate each other. Stepping out of the ordinary we did that with a living room picnic dinner, and some absurd planet on Netflix, and by skipping the cooking part and getting @LiveFitFoods delivered to us. I’ve been excited to work with them and for us it was a glorious end of day treat to just open and heat up these delicious and healthy meals and focus on laughing at the dog – who wanted some food so much he was shaking – to chatting with each other about what’s our favourite dish. With our tricky diet – lactose and soy free – it was great to customize my order and to not have to worry about anything bad in the ingredients. #ParentingWin anyone?

If you want to treat yoself, use code ‘Joanna20’ for $20 off you order.

*This meal was gifted*

Dress – thrifted
Kimono – Arnhem
Necklace – c/o Wolf and Clay
Socks – Free People