There’s no more glamor travelling, or fancy restaurants, or VIP tables ar crowded nightclubs….

….not that I had that in the first place. But this whole Covid situation has forced us all to slow down and simplify to a huge extent. Our family has been finding ways to stay sane, create our own space, and also been spending more time together. The walks around our wild space have been great, and we’ve been taking our time and meandering knowing that there’s no real pressing need to keep a schedule.

It has also given me the opportunity to get a lot of embroidery done, and start a new hobby that has interested me for a while: foraging. I bought a book on local plants and which ones are edible and I’m actually looking forward to learning about the plants surrounding us.

I’d love to know whether this has prompted you to learn/do something new.

Top – Bettie Page via a clothing swap
Skirt – Auguste via Friend of Franki
Necklace – I forget, sorry.
Boots – vintage thrifted
Sunnies – Betsey Johnson via Winners