The city has gone tighter. More and more things closed as people refuse to respect social distancing.

It’s a little frustrating how it happens. Outside the grocery store there are marks to keep everyone apart as they wait entry to the store. The two people in front of me, sanitized their cart with lysol, then lysoled their single use latex gloves AFTER they had already used hand santizer on them. And yes, they were wearing masks. They both gave me dirty looks when in a state of distraction I accidentally got within 10 feet of them. *The marks were for seven feet apart, they were imposing a greater distance on their own*

But once inside, I casually strolled around, up and down the aisles and not ten minutes later, the man from the couple, shoved me aside to get to the frozen peas. I guess you only need to social distance outside?? *sarcasm fully intended*

Either way, the massive green space, where you wave to another family 30-50 feet away from you has been a treasure trove of sanity. Thank God for trees and water.

Dress – Saint Helena
Sweater – Ruche *closed*
Boots – The Shoe Company