I’ve been having weird dreams as of late.

Vivid and complex. In one, a friend and I were wild west bounty hunters chasing a fugitive, and among all the mystery, I had to save my young friend from an issue involving a farmer’s daughter. In another, a friend and I had a sheep shearing farm that I had to protect from raiders. And just recently, I had a dream that I started fight training Justin Trudeau in my huge NYC loft, and then we started an affair. Now, that dream wasn’t sexual – first, I’ve never had a thing for our PM – it was more about the complexities and problems of the endeavor.

When I woke up, the most fantastical thing in that, out of all the ridiculous things, was that anyone like me could afford a big loft in Manhattan!

But seriously, these are vivid dreams, highly complex – more so than they sound – and it seems that in all of them, I’m the fighter in the scenario. Huh.

Dress – Boutique 1861
Sweater & Boots – thrifted