Spring and everyone in isolation, means a nice day brings people out by the water.

While 75% of the people are great – keep distance, and leave space – 25% are careless and/or willfully ignorant. Which means, that I’m afraid the city will shut these down and prevent people getting out into nature. That, in turn, will make our mental health plummet.

So we’re trying to enjoy what we can, respectfully, while it’s still there. The water was breathtaking and the sunshine was so welcome. I got to enjoy my lovely artisan creations from Wolf and Clay as well. Small businesses are certainly going to be hit the hardest, and as that’s where my own sensibilities lie, I encourage you to shop carefully. Not just for your own budget, but also be very aware of where your money is going right now because we have a unique opportunity to create the world we want. Like supporting small craftspeople. Like Wolf and Clay – which is so well made and so unique. Check out my earrings and necklace if you need proof. Someone better snatch their big green and yellow earrings fast because they are pure joy!

Large corporations will be fine.

Dress – Jens Pirate Booty
Earrings & Necklace – Wolf and Clay
Sweater – Banana Republic *thrifted*
Boots – garage sale