For a long time, I have been against that whole “Positive Vibes Only” mantra.

I firmly believe that ‘positive vibes only’ is naive and insensitive, because the world is mean and complicated and to ignore the suffering and negativity not only ignores half of existence but also makes you weak and vulnerable. If you ignore, you never face. If you reject hardship, you never grow and learn. And if you don’t do that, then you won’t be able to handle it when there is nothing else. Like now.

Granted, going to dark is not healthy either, and if anything, I’m guilty of that. But rejecting negativity/conflict/hardship means you never develop coping skills – so when a pandemic sweeps through and there’s nothing but negativity, you’ll be left without any mental armor or weapons. And that’s what’s happening to many. And it breaks my heart.

But if I can share my only piece of wisdom, one that I’ve said many times before: sometimes things suck, and it’s okay to say they suck. Period. No silver light looking at required.

That said, it’s a scary and uncertain time, and you do whatever (legal) things you need to in order to stay sane and to keep on going.

Sweater & Leggings – hand me downs
Dress – thrifted via Common Sort
Boots – thrifted