When the world around you is panicking, keep a cool head.

Many times, when I’ve had conversations in the last while, I’m met with resistance in that people associated my saying we need to stay calm and cool with being flippant. They are not the same things. There is a spectrum ranging from total disregard to downright panic. In the middle of that spectrum is those who stay calm. That doesn’t mean not taking the situation seriously. in fact, I would argue that if you panic you aren’t taking it seriously because panic is fear, and unthinking behavior – which diminishes the seriousness of actual action necessary.

So I urge all to breathe. Deep calming breaths. Take the necessary actions, but breathe and stay calm and sane. That means meditations, and that means joy in whatever ways available.

If only for the reason that panic surges your flight or fight and lowers your immune response.

*side note: photo taken in an empty lot pre-measures – so don’t yell at me*

Sweater – Maje via Style Encoure Oakville
Skirt – For Love and Lemons via Common Sort
Jacket – Smart Set *very old*
Boots – Asos *also very old*
Purse – hand me down