We’re all self-isolating and social distancing.

The #quarantineandchill hashtags have come up. And then I saw people posting about how they’re single and they have to ‘survive’ it and ‘get through’ it. It being the quarantine and chill posts.

Might I suggest a paradigm shift instead? Single hood is not something inherently bad, it is not something you have to survive. Nor is coupledom some sort of state of perpetual idyllic bliss. I’m sure I’ll want to hit Andrew over the head with a frying pan at some point during this (I won’t, but I’ll want to). Neither state is bad or good. Each has pros and cons. And either way, you’re not alone : we all have friends and people who love us, even when they come from unexpected places.

So go forth (stay inside) and multiply (or not). And take this as a moment to reflect on all those things we’ve been consistently ignoring due to the ‘busy – ness’ of our lives.

Oh, and stay healthy.

Dress – Ankoa
Necklace – c/o Ana Luisa