I love the show Lucifer. And you may say, “Jo! You’re totally messed up!” And you may be right, but the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

Here’s why I think the show is fabulous.

One, the lead actor is hot, and cut like a Greek God.

Two, the show is about the devil – which is a figure of intense fascination for me as I love the idea of the underdog, and the totally flawed and f**ked up and, agruably, undeserving getting happiness and love.

Three, it doesn’t take itself seriously and is ultimately optimistic. Not saying I can relate buuuuuut everything in life should be done with a smirk and a hope in hell * pun intended* of success.

Plus, the clothes are cool. And I want Maise to be my BFF.

Top – Brandy Melville
Skirt – Harla Clothing
Necklace – Threadsence
Boots – vintage/thrifted