Home ownership for almost ten years means I haven’t had to use a laundromat for ten years…

…until the basement starts flooding regularily and has to be completely gutted and redone. The basement, is also where the laundry is. So, back to the laundromat it is.

The stacks of machines, and the people who think they’re being helpful, but no, please really don’t touch my underwear. I’ll pick it up myself. Also, I’m kind of creeped out how you’re watching me move my daughter’s clothing. Ugh – it’s too much people. Plus, machines that are way too hot, doors smacking me in the hip because the person HAD to use the dryer right next to me instead of the – literally – twelve other free ones.

On the plus side, I got a walk in with the washer going, and finally figured out how to remote control my new camera from my phone while waiting for the dryer.
So there’s that.

Dress – I totally forget, sorry. But it’s fantastic, in perfect condition, and will be on sale on my Depop.
Necklace – Threadsence, now closed
Boots – thrifted

Ring – Tiffany’s