The world plays the game and pulls some pranks.

Never liked the holiday personally. People fool me into thinking their pregnant, engaged, or whatever, and then pull the, “April Fools!” thing and are so proud of themselves. I don’t like it. What are you proud of exactly?

Are you proud that you had people in your life that trust your word word, and trust what you say and that now you’ve made them feel stupid? Or are you proud that you’ve now taught them that they can’t, and that instead they need to be wary of your words?

‘Cause that’s what I learn when that happens.

Okay, maybe you’re going to say I can’t take a joke. I can. People rib and tease me, and I laugh at it because I find it funny when people take the piss out of me. But intentionally trying to fool me by lying to me? Nah, I’ll skip that. And I also don’t forget that lesson.

Top – thrifted
Cardigan – Smart Set *old*
Scarf – Burberry, gift
Jeans – Revice Jeans
Shoes – Threadsence *now closed*