Having spent one whole day in town, and one whole day literally just walking beaches, I thought I’d take a day to just lounge.

Except that it didn’t last. I spent most of the day reading on the beach, and taking some wine there as well. I knew that the following day after I checked out and dropped my bag in the tourism center, that I would have another mostly in town day which is why I wanted to spend this one on the beach.

Luckily, my AirBnB was near Tallow beach, but further down and away from the town. It was where the creek came out. Somehow, because it was between two busy places, this particular stretch was usually empty, only one or two other people, and the occasional runner was ever present. It also helped that it was a bright sunny, but windy day. The sand and salt water were blowing and creating a haze over my filter and camera but the stunning colors were just wild as the sun came in and out amidst all this, the wind also dissuaded most people from hanging out.

Never underestimate a beach lover from a Winter climate. Hiding behind a dune that shielded me from the onslaught, I had a lovely spot to read my book and listen to the waves…which were spectacular because of the aforementioned wind.

After lounging, then lounging some more with wine, and getting through a ton of my book I decided to head in the other direction. I walked residential streets, and past schools, and then over the fence and onto the golf course. It was fun to wander through the day-to-day areas outside of town. Imagine what things would be like if I lived here.

Dress – Sweet Papillon in Byron Bay
Necklace – Lustre in Montreal
Swimsuit – Bondi via Style Squad
Hat – Byron Hat Store
Backpack – National Geographic