Online Shopping is where I live. Not only do actual shops give me anxiety, but I can shop whenever I want, in PJs, and all over the world. My favorite is definitely Australian boho shopping, so that’s a lot of what you’ll find here. But it’s not just that. This first guide is all the brands I love, where you can shop direct from the company that creates them. Following later will be the online boutiques.

The first pro tip for online shopping: if you like the brand, sign up for the email list – the exclusive sales are totally worth it!

Spell and the Gypsy (AUD)

It’s no surprise that this is first on the list. When I discovered this brand about four years ago, I instantly fell in love. And though their prices have risen dramatically since I first found them, their designs are glorious. Their pieces are now way out of my reach financially, but a few times a year they have really great exclusive sales where you can nab that heirloom piece.  Shipping: About $20 AUD. They do ship DHL global mail, so you’re more likely to get dinged with customs.


Arnhem (AUD)

I discovered this brand about the same time as Spell, and both became long time loves. I find their pieces to have a more low key and timeless quality. But the big deal for me is that they are starting to consistently make environmentally conscious choices and collections sourced from sustainable methods. Huge deal for me! The pieces are well thought out, and their swimwear is top notch. The customer service department is a bit slower to respond, but they always resolve things so wonderfully.  Shipping: $20 AUD, but free over $100. DHL global mail, so again, more likely to get charged customs and taxes.


Chasing Unicorns (AUD)

Relatively new brand out of Byron Bay, Australia. The designs as super vintage and just gorgeous! The quality is amazing though. Their pieces are so well made and so lovingly created. I have a few items and all are made to last so that they can become vintage pieces themselves in the years to come. Very pricey for my wallet, but for this brand I get it because the quality of the garment is incredible!  They have great sales a few times a year exclusively to mailing list customers. Not a lot of sizing info on the site, but the instagram is really responsive so be sure to pose questions there. Shipping: $20AUD, tracked Australia post (My favorite option because you’re not likely to get hit with customs).


Tree of Life (AUD)

This laid back, adventurer, boho brand has quickly become a favorite. The pieces are very affordable, and they have exclusive sales a few times a year that drops them down even more.  I find the fabrics breathable and light and very easy to wear. Shipping: Aprx. $22 AUD, tracked Australia post.


Auguste the Label (AUD)

Boho brand with really great designs. Light and airy material and great florals. I’m a big fan of their ruched skirts and dresses. The mini dresses I find are a bit too short for my tastes, so I opt for the midis and maxis.  Shipping: Regular DHL. I’m very wary of this, as DHL has huge brokerage fees – expect to pay about $40-60 in customs and ‘brokerage.’ Also, DHL has lost about 50% of my packages in my lifetime (not just from here, in general they have tended lose packages sent to me). So, I tend to buy this brand from boutiques rather than directly because of this.


Gentlefawn (CAD)

Homegrown brand. Minimalist and timeless with a boho feel. The quality is great and the shipping is fast. Also, because it’s Canadian you never have to worry about customs. Shipping: Canada post and FedEx.

Mahiya Leather (AUD)

Fantastic leather bags and really cool unique clothing. Shipping: $25AUD, regular Australia post.


House of Skye (AUD)

I love their sweeping and grand boho designs. The quality is always great too. The shipping though is high and that always makes me pause especially during sales when the shipping can be as much as the item, but occasional purchases are still worthwhile. Shipping: $30 for one piece and $40 for more than one, regular Australia post.


Le Salty Label (AUD)

Great boho label with fun and funky designs. Great quality too. Shipping: $20 AUD, regular Australia post.


Skyline Fever (USD)

Love these simple tee and tops. So well made, and they wash great too.


Wilde Bella (AUD)

Great designs that I absolutely love.  Shipping: $45, regular post. The shipping used to be $25 but went up, and so now I keep an eye on boutiques that carry this brand that ship for $20-$25 rather than buy directly.


Ungalli (CAD)

Ethically made, homegrown clothing. Need I say more? The quality is great and washes so well. Shipping: free to $13, regular Canada post.