The second part of my online guide focuses on boutiques that carry an assortment of brands. So here we go, and as always if you love something subscribe to the mailing list for exclusive deals.

Turquoise Lane  (AUD)

Boho beach boutique. They have a great selection of brands, and have even started their own label too. Fantastic blowout sale twice a year. Shipping: $25 aud, regular Australia post.  (USD)

Huge selection! I mean massive, and carries a large variety of styles. You can find everything here. Shipping: $12 USD, shipped USPS.  I get hit more with customs on this one though.

Simons  (CAD)

Quebec based department store. They have a physical store in Square One Mississauga, but the shipping is really low within Canada. I get basics like scarves and tights here. Shipping: aprx. $8 or free,  regular Canada post.

Boutique 1861  (CAD)

Vintage and boho inspired pieces, with great bridal section if you need a wedding dress or a special occasion dress. Shipping: $5-8, regular Canada post.

Southern Hippie (USD)

I found this shop online by total accident a while back and I love it. Great selection, and you can often find things here that are sold out elsewhere. Also, shipping to Canada is quick.  Shipping: aprx. $15, USPS.

Threadsence and Ruche (USD)

These two shops owned by the same company are fantastic. I’ve shopped here since pretty much before I started writing my blog. Ruche has a more romantic vintage sensibility, while Threadsence is more urban boho. Shipping: $7USD, sent USPS.

Style Squad  (AUD)

Boutique with both high end and lower end options – yay! Have great sales, and I find they pull things that other online shops don’t carry. Shipping: $25AUD, regular Australia post.

ModCloth (USD)

This boutique while offering a variety of styles, tends to be more on the whimsical vintage side. Fit and flare dresses and fun printed cardigans are where they live. Shipping: $12-18USD, sent USPS but I find I get dinged more with customs on this one.

Free People and Urban Outfitters  (CAD and USD)

Yes they are physical shops here in Toronto, but I shop more online because their selection is greater there. However you shop, I do like these two for fun trendy pieces and even classic staples. The Free People henly, for example, is where I live.  Shipping: aprx. $12CAD, sent USPS. I get dinged on these two often though especially on purchases over $75.

Revolve (CAD)

A boutique with a huge selection. Literally everything from low end to designer high end. Shipping: always free, sent USPS.

Etsy Vintage (CAD)

Since I love a good vintage piece, the vintage women’s clothing section on Etsy is like a drug for me. Doesn’t matter whether I buy or not, but looking at the most recent postings makes me happy and makes me smile. I often get ideas for things to make, or things to alter from there. I find unique pieces, and love the vintage crochet patterns you can find. Shipping: varies, based on store.

Bella Boheme (AUD)

Fantastic online shop with so so so many brands. I love finding things that they carry that no one else does. And they have really amazing customer service. Shipping: $25AUD, regular Australia post.

Forever21 (CAD)

though i find the styles too trendy and low quality, I like this shop for funky socks, basic camis, and the occasional quirky tee. Shipping: free over a certain amount, and often has free shipping deals. Usually it’s $11CAD, sent regular post.

Sunkissed the Collective (AUD)

Classic Australian boho carrying great brands. What more to say? Shipping: $25AUD, regular post.

Freedom State (AUD)

Bohemian clothes, and a fantastic selection of hats. Shipping: $25AUD, regular Australia post

White Bohemian (AUD)

Another great boho boutique. I always check their sale section. Shipping: $30 AUD, regular Australian post.


This online boutique carries everything! And they have an amazing outlet section. I love their boots, and I love that you get free shipping over $45USD. Shipping: $7CAD or free, sent regular post.

Arizonia Rose, Get Frocked, and Searching for Sage  (AUD)

These shops carry a brand of clothing called Jaase, which is a more affordable bohemian label. The patterns and styles are so diverse, you’ll definitely find something you love.  Be sure to check sizing though as I find many mini and play dresses too short on my frame. They have great selections and great sales. Shipping: aprx. $25AUD, regular Australian post.