If you’ve been here a while, you know I don’t like shopping in person. Malls, and even boutiques give me a big bout of anxiety. I don’t like the pressure of the salesperson, and I really, really like to mull things over. But even I do indeed get my butt in a boutique once in a while. So here’s a list of some of my faves – no holds barred, totally honest.

Gypsy and Caravan – 762 St. Clair Ave West.

Currated vintage shopping. These two shops, less than a block away from each other, are just a freaking gem! I’ve gotten a few priceless treasures from here. But you have to be quick because the owner is retiring and the shops close in June 2018. Until then though, everything is 50% off.


Common Sort – 800 Queen Street East, 1414 Queen Street West, 444 Bloor Street West

Used and vintage shopping. Here you won’t find the priceless vintage gems, but you’ll find great staples and some funky things. I’ve found a great Diane Von Furstenberg dress and some Wilfred Free dresses here for a fraction of the cost.


Beau and Bauble – 3092 Dundas Street West

This Junction boutique will take your money! But don’t worry you’ll find great accessories and unique gifts here.  You’ll also get sucked in by their wares and not realize you’ve been in there for an hour. It’s a fabulous shop with some wicked and nerdy finds.


Black Daffodil – 3097 Dundas Street West

Just across the street from Beau, you’ll find this funky shop. It’s a clothing shop with some accessories. The clothes are more on the classic pin up silhouette side. The dresses gear towards the classic fit and flare shape, but trust me they are divine.


Frock – 95 Roncesvalles Ave. 

More of a chic urban girl store. Their selections are gorgeous, trendy, and yet timeless. I’ve been to their sales and wanted it all.


Trixie – 2313 Bloor Street West

This shop is eclectic and timeless. I love their fun patterns and cool cuts, and their center store rack of dresses has you covered for every occasion you can think of!


Risque – 404 Bloor Street West

This small Annex shop has some amazing selections. The styles are decidedly urban with a boho flare – and their store displays always catch my eye with the colors and patterns. Definitely step in and go through things slowly. It’s a small shop that packs a lot of wares on their racks.


Coal Miner’s Daughter – 3023 Dundas Street West, 87 Roncesvalles Ave, 744 Queen Street West.

I find this a bit on the pricier side for me, but their pieces are architecturally interesting and very modern. Their jewelery selection is minimalist and simply designed in a way that makes it timeless.


Let me know if you have any favorite boutiques in Toronto that I should check out. I love to find hidden gems. 

My first online shopping guide is coming next week!