Let me tell you the story of this sweater dress. 

I saw it on the site years ago. Knew there was no way in hell I could afford it. It went into the sale section – still too much USD. Several specials and discount codes, and another year later, and I got it. Then the planning.

It was a full length dress, and I knew I wouldn’t wear it like that – just not me. Plus, when you walked you had to take teeny tiny steps. Also not me. So I thought to shorten it.

But once it arrived, I knew it was beyond me. So off to my Mother-in-law seamstress extraordinaire! She hemmed the tricky piece and upon returning to me it was perfect. Now I have a lovely wool sweater dress. Good thing too, ’cause it’s been -31 degrees celsius here! Yowza!

Dress – Sugarhigh and Lovestoned
Tights – Ruche
Boots – Browns *old*
Purse – Winners