I find myself needing to slow down. Looking back – isn’t hindsight great? – I’ve realized that I’ve been pushing myself for months now. Go, go, go – and make coffee do the job your body won’t. Then we all got sick and we all had to recover. And I had to stop drinking and stop having caffeine, and I realized the huge deficit I had created. Massive really.  I stopped going out, and said ‘no, thank you’ to most social engagements in exchange for going to bed at 9pm and sleeping. As much as it may have hurt my social life – not really, ’cause friends are friends right? – it started to slowly fill that deficit. Slowly.

I’m not back to the same tempo as before, and I doubt I will be for the next while, but it’s nice to have more energy and to have my body slowly healing and taking care of all the things I neglected. It’s trite, I know, and cliche, but we really do need to slow down and take a long hard look at our FOMO. I’m trying to. Key word: trying.

Dress – Tree of Life
Sweater – Trixie Boutique in Toronto
Boots – Aldo
Bag – Winners
Necklace – Etsy