I thought I should share the Stylish Surprise thing with you. Especially since it’s come up twice this week – Monday, and now today. So you know those ads on the side of my blog? well, guess what I actually do shop there. I especially love the ModCloth Stylish Surprise. *yes, it’s an affiliate link*  The stylish surprise is a bit of a gamble. They do it only once in a while. So you put in your dress size, shoe size, bottom size, top size – whatever category you want to purchase – pay and then they send you an item. It’s a gamble because you don’t get to choose what you get, just the size. So you get a surprise in the mail, but the risk is low as these are heavily discounted items.

The boots in the previous post were a Stylish Surprise for $10 plus shipping. This dress was also a Stylish Surprise. I’ve gotten a few more, but it’s kind of fun. Yes, sometimes you’ll get something you’ll never wear, but usually I’ve found it either bang on or just slightly outside my comfort zone. And you know that I love going outside my comfort zone.

Maybe try it sometime especially if you’re open to new things and you like surprises.

Dress – ModCloth
Boots – Call it Spring
Bag – Lucky Brand hand me down
Necklace – Monserat de Lucca via Beau &Bauble
Sunnies – beach shop in PEI