There’s that whole adage of “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” And while some of that sentiment may be true, a large part of it is a misnomer. That whole movement of vibe and of manifestation assumes that if you don’t get something you must have not been destined it, or lacked some sort of inner harmony in order to manifest it.

What it belies is the simple fact that manifesting something is a luxury of the rich. It ignores the real socio-economic structures of our society. The realities that for some, no matter how much they ‘manifest’ and ‘visualize’ there is very little possibility of that becoming a reality. And that for others, very little manifesting is required when money is aplenty.

Yes, there is something to be said for seeing your path, and for bringing balance into your soul. Of course, every wise man has said this. But it is also wise not to become blind and foolish to the forces at play. There’s a reason that affluent families breed more lawyers, doctors, senators, etc. than those of lower socio-economic standing. Those families can afford the best schools and tutors and can give ready financial support.

But this idea of manifesting ignores that and places the blame squarely on your head. The reality is that it may not be your fault. Not saying it’s impossible, just saying that considering the realities of the world, manifesting your own best destiny is not enough, and it can’t all land squarely on your head.

Jacket – Le Chateau
Top – Brandy Melville via Common Sort
Pants – Zara
Bag – c/o Novum Crafts
Earrings – Threadsence