You make a commitment, you make a decision to change and right ¬†away the universe gives you a chance to prove it. It’s like making a decision to cut out all sugar, and life offers you an all you can eat cake buffet. That’s what I recently had. I had the chance to test my own words. To put into practice the New Years post. And I almost failed. I almost acted out of emotion and reaction – and I don’t want to be led around by the nose a slave to momentary ego, pride, and yes some justice. Yes there would have been a justice in my old behavior. But what I want is change.

I want to remove myself from the reactionary emotions of ego and see what behaviors come out of that. And here’s to a small 2017 victory over ego. By breathing, stepping away, and naming my emotions and gut reactions I was able to diminish their power. I also realized that this wasn’t worth allowing into my soul. So a small victory of acting smartly and wisely. ¬†Hopefully more will come.

Dress – Lulus
Wrap – UO
Jewelry – gifts
Boots – old, I forget
Socks – Free People