I don’t usually rag on a shop, but well, being honest here so…

I had a very poor experience with my first Searching for Sage purchase ever. I ordered two dresses, and both came with defects. My long dress came with a highly uneven hem, and the dress below came with a huge hole along the seam of the left sleeve. Very disappointed.

Obviously, I contacted the shop and had an email exchange. They offered to send me replacement dresses, but I declined that for two reasons. One, I don’t really trust the quality coming out of there now considering this is what happened to my order. And two, with my sewing skills I can fix one dress *as evidenced by me wearing it*, and hopefully salvage the other.  So, it would be wasteful to resend this dress. And that’s it. There was no further resolution to my complaint. Just that offer and no response to my email in over a week. I’m just disappointed because I feel my money was wasted obviously.

Also, the other reason I wrote this post is because of my Kon Mari purging and tidying a while back, I’m trying to be more conscious. And the environmentalist in me couldn’t fathom just throwing two dresses away when my skills could salvage and repair them. It seems ungrateful for some reason. Does that make sense?





Dress – Searching for Sage
Socks – Free People
Boots – Aldo
Belt – I forget, sorry.