That first ride of the season on the bike. That first hit of sunshine as you’re peddling. It’s magical. And for me there’s a little something else too. When I put on my earbuds and my audio book. See when I ride, I always listen to audio books – mostly because from where I live it’s always at least a 30 minute ride anywhere. So this day it really felt like summer as I dived right back into the Darktower series. Book three baby! As those words and those familiar gunslingers filled my ears it truly felt like warmth was here. I finished off last season with book one and two, so this just felt like picking things up right where we left off.

Can’t you just read the smile in my heart?Red-sundress-jean-shirt-vintage-bike-1web





Dress – Catch Me
Shirt – Chi’qle 
Necklace – Threadsence
Boots – Aldo
Socks – F21
Bag – Muche et Muchette