I┬ámade a friend at a shop. She liked my style and we started talking and I told her about my blog because she was asking where to get some things like this. I have to say it’s always really great to have a conversation with someone about fashion, and it’s super flattering when they come up and ask because they like what I’m wearing. But I always feel a little awkward too.

It’s feel weird talking about how I dress like I’m some sort of authority or I know what the hell I’m doing. I mean, I guess I do, and yes I am very knowledgeable about fashion and style and history etc, but it still sometimes feels weird. Like, what can I possibly tell you about style, you know?

But at the same time it feels great because here’s someone who does want to hear about all the things I’m geeking out about too. And that’s always great. So yes, thanks Toni for approaching me – you totally made my day.






Dress – Mosine Boutique
Sweater – Trixie Boutique
Socks – Free People
Boots – Aldo
Necklace – Homegrown Boutique
Hat – eBay