You just pour yourself a little scotch and sit down to the computer. You start to type, not knowing exactly what you’re going to say, or where you’ll end up. But you know that right now that’s probably the best thing to do. Sometimes there’s this cacophony of thoughts and emotions inside and it’s all rather vague. Neither feeling, nor emotion can manifest itself long enough to give it form and voice. It’s merely a maelstrom. If merely it can be.

Sarcasm and wit can sometimes be the result. Other times, like today, you are simply confused. If it were sadness, there’s a remedy to that. Anger, longing, love – they all have names and focuses and therefore have solutions and remedies. *Let’s not have the argument of whether love needs a remedy* But tonight, there’s is no such solace.

Tonight I could use the company of a friend, or a lover, but ideally the person who is both. Instead, there’s you on the other of the computer, reading these words when you will.

I’m not alone in this feeling. I’m sure I’m not. This human condition is one we all face down many days. It will settle. The storm will pass. And my emotions and thoughts shall be named, and remedies found. In the meantime, my old friend. We’ll sit together, apart, and listen to music that makes us miss the thousands lives we never lived.

Here endeth the waxing poetic.