Have you ever had a Thai massage?  It’s not like a regular old massage where you lie on a table.  It’s much more interactive.  You lie, sit, turn, and are generally manipulated by the practitioner.  They massage, but also twist, and stretch.  It’s really quite an experience.

I recently had a Thai massage at Urban Nirvana in Toronto.  Let me tell you about it. First, you walk into the cozy and comfy reception area, check in, and are offered a foot soak while you wait. Heck yes!  I can get on board with that.  Then, my masseur, Nikki, comes out dries my feet and escorts me to the room.  She’s a petite woman with a very kind smile and friendly eyes.  We reach the room – which consists of a series of comfy mats on the ground – no massage table in sight.

Then the massage starts.  Nikki, this unassuming woman puts her hand on me and immediately I learn what it’s like to be caught in a vice.  She’s got amazingly strong hands.  I’m talking like “snap steel bars without blinking an eye” hands.  But more importantly than that, they are sure hands.  They find all the knots, kinks, and grooves that I didn’t even know were there.  I’m massaged, stretched and manipulated with an oscillation of pain and relaxation.

But it’s that good pain, the kind where you know that despite the discomfort the results will be glorious.  There are practitioners there that do a more gentle relaxing massage, but when booking I requested a more vigorous and results oriented massage.  My muscles get put through the wringer with my exercise regimen and I wanted those knots and tight zones worked on.

But man, she is intense.  I kind of felt like Arnold Schwarzeneggar in End of Days where he gets totally beat up on by a very unassuming petite woman.  Though the next day, and the following days, my body was so much looser and things just moved better.

I’m telling you get your butt to Urban Nirvana, and if you’re woman enough request Nikki, your body will love you for it afterwards.  Mine certainly did.

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