This was the view from the hotel room I was lucky enough to stay in the last few days.  It was a business trip that was heaven sent, as the location was sunny Miami and the work to play ratio was delightful.

The first stop after settling in was Coconut Grove.  We wandered around the shops and down Coco Walk.

The Art Deco architecture mixed with the Spanish influence was to die for, and I certainly was more than tempted to just unpack for good.

Wandering around the area and finally making the trek home via the waterfront, and lovely residential areas was perfect.  The sun and the heat were glorious.  Such a blissful moment, where I could feel my body relax from months of shivering.

This was by far the coolest house on the walk home.

And this photo sums up the feelings of the entire day for me.

 Outfit photos from Miami go live starting Monday.