Birthday fun began with dropping off our girl at the grandparents.  It then continued with a visit to Istanbul cafe for a delicious Turkish coffee with baklava and Turkish delight.  

A little early afternoon shopping at sales, followed by a glorious lunch of avocado spring rolls, and indulgent dairy free nachos, and we headed home.

At home I had a leisurely run *8k* and then a lovely dollop of rich gluten free chocolate cake *twice* with a sentimental viewing of Mad Love.

I haven’t seen this film since I was a kid.  But I remember Drew Barrymore inspiring a whole year of short unkempt hair, plaid shirts, and daisies in my hair.  It was kind of fun to get all nostalgic.

The evening was capped off by a crisp glass of wine, and a foot massage.

Yup, not too shabby of a day.