The best way to have a stress free vacation is to pack and plan beforehand, then you know you’ve got everything you need and there’s nothing to worry about. The way I start is this, I flat lay every outfit that I intend to wear.  Literally.

I put it all together with shoes and accessories out on my bed as I go.  Once an outfit is done, I take a picture with my phone.  This way I remember everything I planned and I just have to scan through the gallery while away to pick the day’s outfit.  Then I create another outfit, ideally utilizing some items again.  The goal is as much remixing as possible, and as little packing.

Though #1 is an outfit I wore a while back.  I liked it a lot, and decided to re-wear it the first day as I thought it was the best sitting in car outfit.  The cardigan from #2 was also planned as an option for #3 and #4 in case it was cooler – and it was actually only needed for about an hour in the morning.  I also, had the cardigan from #7 and the kimono from #6 as another option to wear with the dress from #5 in case of cooler weather as well.  And if you notice, I’m wearing the same 3 little shoes in each outfit.

All my necklaces were also remixed into each and every day.  Thus, for 6 days away I brought my small carry-on which also held my make up, cosmetic, and all my running gear *which you don’t see* and I didn’t even use all the space.

I hope that helps.  If you have any packing tips I’d love to hear all about it in the comments…if you’re willing to share your secrets that is.