This week I had the joy of tagging along on one of Andrew’s business trips.  True, I didn’t go somewhere warm, but I did at least get the chance to get out of town, relax, and have some child free, roaming the city, alone time.  It’s bee fabulous.

The train ride to Ottawa was long but comfy.  I just get antsy easily.  And he headed off to work as soon as we were settled, but I headed up to Parliament Hill to bum around the Parliament buildings.

Meeting up for dinner was the highlight of the day, let me tell you.  Zen Kitchen in Ottawa is a gourmet vegan, locally frown gourmet restaurant.  The price tag is a bit high for daily fare, but the food is delicious.  The appetizer was so well presented and so delicious that I tore it apart before I remembered to take a picture!  I was able to contain myself a tad more when dinner arrived.  I had a delicious celery root filet with incredibly well seasoned veggies, and Andrew had falafel and Israeli coucous.  All were incredible.  I highly recommend the place if you’re in Ottawa.

The night was capped by some laughs at Absolute comedy with some of the top comedians in Ottawa – and they were very funny.  This is coming from a woman who is very critical of stand-up comedians.  But on the walk there we came upon this very uniquely named restaurant….Seriously, just read it out loud to yourself.


Outfit posts coming soon!