As the weather changes here in Toronto, my thoughts always turn to how to help care for my skin during transition phases like this.  I like to be as gentle as I can on my skin, and I really quite enjoy Dove for that reason.  It’s the number one dermatologist recommended brand, and I like that it’s affordable, yet low on the Skin Deep report in terms of it ingredients.  So that means it’s gentle on your skin – something our skin needs considering how harsh we can be on it.

As you know exfoliation is key to good skin care; so I really like to use these body washes with my exfoliating gloves and that way I can really take care of my skin.  During these transition times with the changing of the season it’s especially important.  So, how about we help take care of your skin too?  Does that sound good to you, ’cause it sure sounds good to me!  How about a years supply of Dove?!

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