You all know that I always get my clothes on deals, or clearance items.  I’m not afraid to admit that I check back often to see if the thing I had my eye on went down on sale yet, ’cause I don’t like to pay full price *and more importantly, I can’t afford to pay full price*  Well, there’s this tool that’s launching called Shoptagr.  And basically, it lets you browse and tag your color and size preferences, and then sends you alerts when they go on sale.  Pretty cool huh?  Such a time saver!

You can sign up for the pre-launch and get a chance to earn $120 worth of credit by spreading the news to your friends and getting them to sign up.  That’s pretty awesome too.  You can read more about all the details of the pre-launch and getting that sweet credit on the Shoptagr blog.

I kind of like the idea of having something that just tells me when the stuff I like is on sale, and then I can be more productive with my time….like you know, spending time with family or actually earning the money I’ll spend later *wink*  What would you do with some extra time?

Maybe spend the $100 gift card to Zara that my lovely sponsor Shoptagr is offering?  Isn’t that just amazing!?! Make sure to follow ModaMama so that you never miss a giveaway.

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