This is one huge ‘can’t live without’ product for me.  The Eminence Herbal Recovery Oil is my saving grace.  I was first introduced to it by Renee who gave me my first ever Eminence facial at the Yonge Eglinton Cosmetic Centre.  It was her go-to product too, and now it’s mine.

I put this on every single night under my moisturizer.  Just a few drops is all I need.  With the dry and harsh winter weather, biting wind, and sun on top of that, it saves my sensitive skin from the elements daily.  It restores, rejuvenates, nourishes, and heals all night long.  And in the summer it will help from the heat and brutal sun, I’m sure.  I swear by the softness, and the soothing that this gives me every night as I sleep.

It’s one of those things that when I put on my face after cleansing and toning, I feel a general sense of “ahhhh.”