*These are two phone pictures of some downed trees in the area.  This is the situation all across the province*

Toronto was hit with a huge ice storm that knocked out the city’s, and our, power for four days.  The ice storm brought down trees that in turn ripped trough power lines all across our Province.   Warming centres were set up all around the city so that people would not freeze.  Neighbors, family, and friends all opened up their houses.  It was amazing to see everyone come together.

Unfortunately, it has caused some deaths.  Two people passed away from carbon monoxide poisoning from running a generator, and many more carbon monoxide emergency calls were made. 

The power finally came back on just in time for us to nurse the stomach flu that hit my baby girl this morning.  She’s thrown up everything all day and has just been wanting ‘Mommy cuddles.’

So taking advantage of her nap, I’m  taking the time to say Merry Christmas to you and I’ll see you once the food in the fridge has been thrown out and my baby can keep some crackers in her belly.

Duty calls.