Okay folks, I love this Bright Skin Moisturizer with SPF 30 for the day.  I’ve tried a few other day creams with SPF from Eminence, but for my drier and sensitive skin this was the one.  I wanted a moisturizer that was hydrating and also had sun screen, but that was natural. 

I’ve found some natural sun screens to leave a horrible white film, and I don’t really want to use the synthetic ones because of the damaging health effects.  So this was perfect: natural and no film.  The  natural skin brightening agent helps to target any acne darkening that might be left over.  It’s not in the product description per se, but it feel like this has helped to restore a more even skin tone and to reduce discoloration caused by past and current acne. 

Plus, like I mentioned above, it’s wonderfully hydrating for my skin during the day.  And I love how easily make up slides over it.  For audition days, or days when I’m on set and have a face full of make- up this is what I arrive wearing and so far, no make up artist has complained *and trust me, if they don’t like what’s on your face, they complain*

*Disclosure:  I am working with Eminence on a campaign to highlight my favorite products in return for a select number of samples. But I reached out to them after trying their products. Please read my original Eminence Organic introduction post for more details*