Dress -bought in Spain  //  Daenerys Targaryen Necklace – Etsy  //  Shoes – Payless
Finally got my straggly hair into the salon and got a trim and some shaping up.  Jon at Evoke Salon in Toronto takes good care of me.  He seems to instinctively understand that I like classic and not too trendy.

He did suggest a more blunt initial layer, and I like it.  It’s a nice subtle change to my staple look. Though I think it’s too bangy *too much like growing out bangs* for me to keep it long term. Probably gonna grow it out and stick to less blunt layers.  Sorry Jon, I am pretty boring when it comes to my cut.  But I’m having fun playing with it right now. 

With the two films I’m shooting this month I needed to get my hair camera ready.  Can’t look too shaggy onscreen right?  

It was a great day of shaping things up.  Got some maintenance done, including a manicure, and this haircut.   It made me feel like a new woman.  It’s good to pamper yourself a bit sometimes. 

Gotta remember that.