Tee – NowhereBad  //  Shorts, Sunnies, & Yellow Bracelet – F21  //  Shoes – Payless // Black cuff – Ebay
That’s right.  You read that right.  Just about 30 minutes before I took this photo I got hit by a car.  I was whizzing along on that bike of mine when an idiot car performed a last minute and illegal right turn with about half a second of warning from his blinker.  I immediately hit my brakes and turned my bike into the car so that I hit and slid along the vehicle instead of hitting it straight on at full speed and flipping over the rear windshield.
As soon as I did a quick diagnostic and ascertained that I was fine, as was my bike, I started yelling at the idiot driver.  He of course was full of excuses.  But I just kept yelling at him explaining every thing he did wrong – and there was a lot of things he did wrong.  I know because I am not only a pedestrian, but a cyclist, and a driver.  I know.  Oh I know.  And I wanted him to know that next time his actions could very well kill someone. 
Maybe yelling wasn’t the best course, but it’s my reaction to a scare like that.  Because I was momentarily scared and prepping in an instant to use all my Kung Fu fall training to hopefully survive that man’s mistake.
What is sad is he did this illegal turn because he was probably rushing to get to where he was going and thought this quick shortcut would get him there 30 seconds faster.  30 seconds.  Hopefully, he won’t value those 30 seconds as much next time. 
Or at least looks in his friggin’ side view mirror first!
p.s.  I’m okay.  I’ve just got one gruesome bruise on my hip.