Dress – Bought in Spain  //  Sweater – Smart Set //  Belt & Shoes – F21 //  Hat – no brand inside
Day two in NYC was focused on the amazing Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.  Honestly, they’re breathtaking.  I wish I could truly relate to you the grandeur of the Rose Garden, or the beauty of the different climate zones in the conservatory, but I can’t.  Pictures don’t do it justice.  I can’t relate to you how I felt like Alice in Wonderland standing amidst so many varieties of roses in bloom in the rose garden.  Nor could a picture show it.  Because in my mind I was the only one there, but in reality it was packed with people.  Imagination is the best.  
Side note:   I bought this dress originally while I was traveling around Europe for several months.   Since then it has come with me to Cube, the Domincan Republic, NYC, Montreal, and British Columbia.  It’s my traveling dress.  I can’t leave home without it.  Every time I travel a new set of memories become woven into the fabric. 

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