Jacket, Sunnies & Belt – F21  //  Dress – Lace Affair  //  Tights – Hansel From Basel  //  Shoes – Payless  // 
Necklace – Ardene  //  Turquoise Bracelet – H&M  //  Gold Bracelet -I forget
Clearly it’s Spring, and clearly I’m kind of addicted to this jacket.  I’ve worn it in the last two posts *here and here* For some reason, and despite the fact that I have plenty other jackets, I seem to be gravitating towards this simply beige pleather piece.  I love the softness of it, and the leather look – but there’s something about the creamy color of it that calls to me whenever I head outside.  
I swear, other jackets will show up soon, but for now, I’m enjoying the simplicity of this one.  When you love something why not wear it out.
Quote of Today:
“I do it! Myself!”