Top – Freeway via Ruche  //  Pants – Gap  //  Boots – Feet First  //  Sunnies & Earrings – F21
Can I just say a little something?  I love fashion, but maybe I’m not understanding something.  How is Black and White the trend for Spring?  It’s not a trend.  It’s a color combo.  Moreover, it’s a classic color combo dating back goodness knows how long.  It’s the simplest color combo.  This is not a trend for Spring, this is a classic and age old color combo that should have no one surprised.  I think it was pretty much the first thing I learned about fashion – that black and white go well together.  I’m somewhat dismayed that the fashion world has no more idea than to go back and call B&W a new trend for Spring.  I think we can be more creative than that.