Sweater – F21  //  Top – Gentlefawn  //  Pants – Gap
Boots – Aldo  //  Necklace & Ring – Threadsence
Sort of fitting that today I wore my favorite velvet pants since I decided last minute to do Dressember!  That’s where you wear a dress everyday in December – some do it for charity and some do it for fun. I’ve decided that I’m going to do it for charity.  So on that note, any revenue from ads purchased until Dec 10th *for 50% off* will be donated to a charity.  I’m not sure yet which one.  I’m thinking either World Vision, Because I am a Girl, or Toy Mountain here in Toronto *gives needy kids a toy on Christmas*  I’ll definitely keep you posted on my choice, and in the meantime feel free to make a suggestion.  
I feel excited about this challenge, but also well, I’m not sure how difficult it’ll be.  You know, considering my rather limited *blatant hyperbole* collection of dresses.   My challenge will be choosing which dresses to feature this month.  Or maybe it’ll be ignoring all the cute skirts in my closet.  I know, I have a serious problem here folks. Serious. Problems.  I mean comparable to global warming or poverty in third world countries, right?  How will I ever cope?  
Sometimes I can’t believe the things that spew out of my mouth.  Believe me, I’m well aware of the ridiculousness that these hands are capable of writing.  But are you also aware of the ridiculousness that I think but don’t actually write?  Yes, this is after going through a filter, a rather thin one mind you, but a filter nonetheless.  Imagine what doesn’t make it through.  It boggles the mind.