Top – Only  //  Scarf – ModCloth  //  Jeans – Gap  //  Shoes – Payless
Spent a lazy day bumming around a couple of days ago and am just getting around to posting this now, but yes, you are seeing my Double Braid twist on me up there.  
In other news, this little scarf up here was a total surprise. ModCloth has this occasional thing called a Stylish Surprise, where you buy a grad bag essentially.  You choose apparel, accessories or shoes – punch in your size and pay for it.  You have no idea what you’re getting until it arrives.  
Now, I’m not one for surprises.  I like surprises if I know what they are ahead of time *yes, I know that defeats the word ‘surprise’*  I figured even if I hate it it’s okay ’cause the accessory grab bag is $5.  So, that’s a bad latte or something. But I was pleasantly surprised.  
I also bought a surprise apparel, but I’ll show that to you some other time.  It’s totally not something I would have chosen for myself, but it’s so cute I’m loving it. 
So the moral of the story:  First, don’t surprise unless it’s something I’m going to love.  And you’re only going to know if I love if you ask me about it first. And second, you don’t have to ask if the surprise is really, really cute and it’s only $5.  Thirdly,  surprises from Tiffany’s and GC to my favorite stores are always acceptable and, in fact, encouraged.
Quote of Today:
“We really need more blood.”