Cardi – Gap  //  Dress – Dear Creatures via Emerging Thoughts  //  Shirt – hand me down 
Tights – Hue (old)  // Shoes – Payless

Since we have the car for a few days, I decided to go to the further away grocery store to get a few choice items. Baby Girl and I had a great time in the store, selecting things and sitting in the cart *her, not me, to be clear* and picking out a bag of balloons *her again* 

We left the store laughing and giggling and started unloading the bags into the trunk.  I grabbed the big bag of dog food and then I saw something.  Here’s the thought process as it occurred inside my head while I stood there:

Huh, is that a picture of a cat on the dog food?  Weird.  Who’d do that?  It’s a little confusing to put a cat on the dog food.  I mean, it’s smart marketing to attract dogs ’cause they like to chase cats and all. But it’s the owners who buy the food, so that’s really silly.  It’s not going to attract the owners.  In fact, it’ll confuse them.  Why would anyone put a cat on dog food?  It just doesn’t….PAUSE….ooooh!

Yup, I was holding a bag of cat food.