I read a fabulous article about Ralph Lauren hiring plus size model Robyn Lawley for their next clothing campaign.  Now I say fabulous, not because the article itself was a piece of mastery in literature, or because this hallmarks some revolution in the idealization of the female form, but because it’s another small step.

The article critiques the move by Ralph Lauren as a publicity tactic and not some grand shift in the thinking fashion industry elites.  While that may be true, and I am always highly suspect of a companies motives in anything they do, I do applaud the move none the less.

True, plus size models are still perfectly proportioned, and photoshopped to elicit an unattainable female image of perfect skin, teeth, and hair, just like the article claims.  But I argue that the revolution to change female ideals is a process.  It’s won one battle at a time.  I consider this a win.

Sure, she’s gorgeous *unattainbly so* and still small *I would hesitate call her “plus size”* but she is a step away from the waifish prepubescent girls we see gracing the covers of magazines. And I can get behind that.