Hey guys, meet Lindsay.  She’s the author behind Little Mudpies – it’s a fun blog all about her life and featuring all the fun things she comes up with – recipes, crafts, DIYs.  Really, she’s a whole lot more craftly creative than I can ever be.

She’s one of those blogs that I read and go, “That’s so cool.  I should make that.”  And I never do.  I really wish we were neighbors, so that I could send Baby Girl over there for crafts.

Goodness gracious, doesn’t she have the cutest children ever?  Excluding of course my own Baby Girl.  Sorry, Lindsay, but that’s a mother’s bias.

Anyway, I suggest you stop on over at Little Mudpies and show this lovely lady a little love.  And maybe drool a little over the cool things you see there.  Like, maybe how to answer the door without pants on.