Shirt – Joe Fresh
Dress – ShopSosie
Shoes – Modcloth
Necklace – Beau and Bauble

When I was fifteen I remember my mom saying she felt about sixteen.  At the time I thought, “Oh come on!  You’re thirty seven!  Thirty Seven! That’s practically a senior citizen!”  Being myself closer to thirty seven than fifteen right now, I know where she was coming from. It’s sometimes unbelievable to me how fast everything goes.
While I don’t feel sixteen, I do most days feel like I’m anywhere between eighteen and twenty two.  It’s a stark realization to me that I’m no longer that age.  
Side note: It also edges into creepy when boys *and I do mean boys* that age make a pass at me because, though flattering to my vanity, it makes me cringe with the notion that I could’ve been their baby sitter.  
It’s just weird to think how fast time flies and how I have absolutely no perception of it’s passage except to one day realize that geez, I’m not 22 anymore.  
True Story:
Coming downstairs and seeing my baby girl standing on a chair at the counter helping Daddy cook. 
A chorus of her making sloppy stirring sounds, vrrrroooms!, and “I do it!”