*This was originally a guest post on another blog, but I wanted to share it with you as well*

I’m talking about your skivvies today!  As a fashion/style blogger I read other blogs for inspiration.  Lately, I’ve come to realize that no blogger, not one, has talked about their underwear.  Underwear can make or break an outfit, but it’s something no one talks about.

I honestly think that sometimes, it’s more important than your shoes!  Now, don’t worry.  You’re not going to see any photos of me in my underwear.  Just ’cause I wear it, doesn’t mean I want to show you.  But I will talk honestly about it.

With shorts you might think you can wear anything you like.  But these shorts are made from a soft material that glides.  So if I wore those simple cotton undies that cut my bum *oh come on!  You know you have them!* it would look really bad.  These required seamless panties.

Also, you should note I don’t wear things unless I absolutely have to.  I know some women swear by them and find them super comfy.  I’m not one of them.  No thank you!

Loose dress like this?  Same deal as the shorts because it’s a silky material.  The material would show my bum and hips cut into as I moved and that would ruin the line.  Now I can pose just so for a photo, but I’m talking about real life.

Now here’s an outfit you can wear your cotton, “today-is-laundry-day” underwear with.  This dress has a full pleated skirt and is made from a stiff, heavy cotton.  This puppy isn’t showing anything!  In fact, I’m wearing my plain, pink cotton undies right here.  That’s riiight!

Okay, now this dress was a challenge!  I wore a nude strapless bra since the dress spaghetti strapped.  And I wore nude, tight booty short underwear.  In this case I did too good a job.  See, the dress is slightly sheer, and when the light shone just right you could see the outline of my body giving the distinct illusion that I’m nude underneath.  So even though I was totally covered up beneath it, I looked very exposed.  This dress is an example of intentionally choosing the wrong underwear.  In this case, I’m going to wear this dress with a half slip so that it’s visible that I’m not indeed nude.

Hope you liked getting underneath the hood of a fashion blogger!