Top – H&M
Skirt – Moon Collection
Shoes – Payless
Earrings & Sunnies – F21
Necklace – gift from Poland
I’m in one of those moods today.   You know the one.  Life is a bit surreal.  Problems seem abundant and much more difficult to deal with than they probably are. Sounds are a touch harsher and louder.  The lights are just off and not quite right.  It’s one of those days in which it is best to retreat into a bubble of your own making, surrounded by your favorite shows, a cup of tea and whatever else gives you comfort.  
I’m going to do just that, when I get the time.  Right now, I’m on single mother duty because of another one of Andrew’s business trips and will indulge those fantasies just as soon as Baby Girl is asleep.  For now, the hope of my favorite show and a cup of tea will have to carry me through whatever the day has in store. 
I know tomorrow will be fresh and I’m sure I’ll come up with another crazy idea that will have me giddy with glee.  
And that’s something to get excited about. 

Quote of Today:
“Are you saying…..oh no, you’re saying ‘truck.’  That could be embarrassing in public.”