Hat – Zellers
Shirt – ?
Shorts – Gap
Shoes – Lulus

Through a recent comment, I had a great conversation with a reader named Dawn about some issues she brought up in her post, and issues I brought up in my first post.  We were discussing the issue of privacy and our choices regarding that. Namely, posting our child’s pictures on the net and sharing intimate details of our lives. I don’t post full face shots of my girl.  It’s my choice to maintain a level of her privacy. *Please don’t assume that this in any way takes away or belittles your choice to post your child’s pictures*

Dawn also brought up the issue of whether you can have a real connection if you don’t share everything.  I responded with this:

 “I try to be as open
as I feel comfortable – which isn’t everything – while guarding her
privacy.  Also, you can still make connections.  I don’t tell the friend
I have coffee with everything about my life, but that doesn’t mean the
connection is any less genuine.  I don’t tell co-workers everything and
again, they are real connections.  So no, I don’t think you have to
share everything to have a connection as long as you’re genuine in what
you do share.

I just wanted to bring you in on this conversation and say that while you may not know the intimate details of my life, what I do say to you and what I do share is 100% me and sincere.

That’s the best I can offer.  Hopefully, that’s enough.