Sunnies & Shoes – F21
Dress – Modcloth (sold out)
Whenever anyone thinks of Audrey Hepburn they always think of stark, well-tailored black pieces.  But they seem to forget Ms. Hepburn’s incredible affinity for dresses, full skirts, florals, and white capris with brightly colored shirts.  And let’s not forget that no one could rock a hot pink Givenchy suit quite like her.  
It’s interesting the boxes we put style icons in.  I’m guilty of this as much as anyone, but style icons are just that because of their understanding of fashion and it’s malleability. I’m trying to break the boxes I’ve created in my own head to, both in relation to myself and those I consider icons. 
True Story:
Baby Girl took my big floppy hat and put it on Drake the Dog while he was sleeping.  
How do I know this? 
I saw a small furry butt sticking out the backend of my hat and Baby Girl giggling as she looked at it.