Meet Michelle of Adding Bliss.  She’s a woman to admire – diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and a newlywed to boot!  I put those two together because becoming a newly wed can mess with your head almost as much as anything else I know, but she seems to have just gotten better.  I definitely want in on her secret, and she’s totally sharing with her Adding Bliss Journal Project.   She’s an organizational expert who can help people sort themselves out regardless of any challenges they may have, and she’s a driven woman intent on helping other women reach their own dreams. 

That’s her on the left here!

Plus, she’s an amazing DIY-er if I’ve ever seen one.  Seriously, how cool are these homemade wedding invitations? It’s a freakin’ scroll!!

Right now she’s spearheading a wonderful entrepreneurial project, The Adding Bliss Journal. It’s a journal that helps to focus the creative mind without being rigid.  This is such a great idea!  I often try journalling but I am faced with exactly the problem she brings up – a blank page – and I have no idea what to write about.  The Adding Bliss Journal helps you to focus your goal making and your energies towards those goals daily; hence the question, “What will your six things be today?” What have you done today to get you to where you want to go?  There’s pages for you to fill out, as well as free writing pages for moments of inspiration, and also inspiring quotes and original artwork.

“I want people to use the Adding Bliss Journal to connect to things
that are really important to them. In today’s society we’re so over
stimulated and busy that we tend to fall into routines that make us
forget our dreams & goals and also how creative we are.” says Michelle.

She’s holding a campaign to help fund her project through donations and pre-sales *anything from $1 to $40* and get this journal published.  Check out the details here, and see some of the fun artwork!

And if you decide to support her, the first 250 people get the journal for $15 inc. shipping.  Oh, and if you mention that you came from ModaMama to get an extra special reward! So fun!